TanTastic 'colour me happy'


The cutting-edge formula uses safe and natural ingredients to produce a healthy, sun-kissed and bronzed complexion without sun or UV exposure.

Additionally, TanTastic helps enhance the tanning effects of the sun's rays, while also increasing skin moisture and elasticity.



1. It naturally promotes a tanned complexion:

The primary function of TanTastic is to deliver daily users a healthy, sun-kissed, bronzed complexion without requiring sun or UV exposure. When used daily as part of your skincare regime, Tantastic's amazing formula is designed to help produce the same results as tanning itself.

2. It enhances the bronzing effects of the sun's rays:

If you do decide to lay out in the sun while using TanTastic, you'll be able to see even faster results which in our opinion make tanning safer.

3. It rejuvenates your skin from within:

Extended sun exposure can leave your skin looking leathery, coarse and worn out if you don't take action to preserve or restore it.

TanTastic has been designed to help improve the visible appearance of your skin by increasing moisture, improving softness, and promoting optimal collagen levels.

4. It helps lessen the risk of sun related skin damage:

You probably already knew that extended exposure to UV rays can seriously damage your skin, sometimes to the point of no return.

Not only will TanTastic give you tanning results much faster than the topical alternatives (such as tanning oils, tanning creams, etc.), it will help you prevent yourself from inadvertently causing UV damage, as you'll only need very minimal exposure to see excellent results.


Those looking to tan as quickly as possible.

Those who tend to burn easily while tanning.

Those looking to prevent their existing sun tan from fading.

Those who are looking for an alternative to tanning oils.

Those who find their skin dries out and ages when they tan.