What! you don't want to embrace your Frida Kahlo brows??

How is everyone doing?

No doubt there are a few of you who are struggling with hair growth by now. - and are looking for advise and recommendations as to what to do and how to de-fuzz - hopefully this little blog will help you.

We'll be first looking at the variety of methods available for home and salon then we'll look at the ones that will be best to keep you 'maintained' during this lock-down period. I'll include as many procedure steps as possible to enable you to have great results. As always I'll add in some product recommendations for you with links below.

No matter what method of removal you are using, preparation is so important.

The skin needs to be cleansed of any make-up, dirt and oil and exfoliated to get rid of the build up of dead dry skin which may be starting to build around the hair follicle.

Exfoliation can also help prevent the dreaded ingrowing hairs!!

Don't forget - it's also advisable to do a patch test prior to using a new product!

What are the most popular methods of hair removal?

There are many methods of hair removal available for home and salon use:

  • waxing - using hot/warm/cream/strip. Waxing is a staple in salons. It can be done at home but can be a little tricky and painful to do on yourself.

  • sugaring - similar to waxing but can be a little more tricky to use.

  • tweezing and epliation machines. tweezing is another staple in salons - it's usually used to finish off perfecting the brow shape or to remove stubborn hairs that didn't come out when waxing

  • shaving - quick easy but quickly has regrowth

  • hair removal creams - oh I remember using these when I was younger - oh the smell!!

  • laser hair removal - got to be honest here I don't really know much about the laser hair removal other than what I have read in various trade magazines - so won't be commenting on this method.

  • electrolysis permanent hair removal (coming soon to Aiyana Beauty!!!) Electrolysis has been around for years and years! I trained in it in 1992 and after doing a poll on the Aiyana Beauty page to see if you'd be interested in it. I have been saving my pennies to bring this permanent hair removal treatment to you!!


Tweezing is possibly my favourite way of removing hair from my own face however it might be a little time consuming and difficult for some people. My favourite type of tweezers are flat edge (I'll link some below)

When doing this method of hair removal it may be easier for you to not only prep the skin (as mentioned above) but to also have some warm water and some cotton wool to hand. By holding the cotton wool that has been warmed with the water on the skin it helps to open the pores enabling the hair to be removed easily. When you have held it there for a few moments to warm the skin stretch the area with one hand and slide the tweezers up the hair with the other - pinch the tweezers and pluck out the hair. Repeat until all the hair has gone - REMEMBER this is only to give you a little maintenance till you can get back into the salon so it's for the stragglers that grow in outside of the main shape.

Key message - don't pluck from above the brows and take too many hairs out at once as mistakes can be made.


In salon I use warm wax - I love the honey like texture of it and I find it easy to use. Over the years I have used a variety of other products and ranges - for example for home and mobile I used to LOVE the Nads range they have a great pen for face waxing and have strips and a pot available to buy for body waxing. You don't need a wax heater either as it melts with the body temperature.

What was amazing about the Nads range is that it's water soluble - which means it dissolves in water so if you mess up or 'chicken out' of doing the waxing because lets face it ripping hairs out of the body can be a bit painful - you can wash it off your skin - something that isn't so easy with traditional waxes.

I'll pop down some general step by step but it's always advisable to follow manufactures guidelines with any product ranges you purchase.

Again with waxing the brows or an area on the face - preparation is key - make sure the skin is clean and clear.

  • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, by holding the orange stick at a 90-degree angle. The application should be thin. Use your other hand to stretch and support the skin.

  • Using a small cut wax strip rub this over the top of the wax ensuring you leave a small area of around 1 cm at the end of the strip where you can hold. Rub the strip over the area well with slight pressure - this warms the product and allows it to coat the hair.

  • Supporting the skin with one hand, use the other hand to firmly and quickly pull the strip off against the direction of hair growth. The wax strip should be pulled parallel to the skin surface not upwards away from the skin.

  • Do not reuse the wax strip as you run the risk of removing hair that is not to be removed.

  • If any hairs have been left in the skin use tweezers to remove these.

  • After treatment apply the correct aftercare products I like to use a soothing cream.

Obviously waxing the body not only takes more product and time it takes an amount of skill and dexterity. Even for a seasoned professional I struggle to get the angles or have the flexibility to get the waxing of the body correct when I am doing my own - so don't feel bad if you struggle - it may be something you'll just have to leave to the professionals.

Hopefully this has given you some help for your facial maintenance while lock-down is in place.

Let me know how you get on

Much Love

Mandy xx


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