Never be a Cornflake Girl

How excited are you that we're almost back in business? I know I can not wait!!

Because the majority of the treatments that I do are on the face I have had very little to do over the last few weeks of being allowed to open.

I've had a few questions in my inbox asking what facial will be best to get the skin glowing - obviously, it depends on the skin type and concern - but the facial I have mostly been recommending is the basic or essential facial with the dermaplaning and dermaroller add ons.


Well, in a nutshell, it is going to revive your skin by getting rid of toxins with a lymphatic massage (included in the essentials facial), rid the skin of the cornflake layer - I'll explain what I mean later and it's going to cause tiny channels in your skin which helps the products hit the target layer in the skin and work!!!

What on earth have cornflakes got to do with my skin, Mandy??

So - you know when your cornflakes have been sitting in your milk too long they sort of swell up with milk? Well when you have a layer of dead dry skin sitting on your face any product and serum you put on there is not going to get past this - it's going to plump out these dead cells and the gaps between them and not let the products you have used past.

By adding dermaplaning into the facial it's not only going to rid the skin of the pesky cornflakes but also and fuzziness from the hair that traps dirt, oil and dead cells too!

So why add the dermaroller too?

What the dermaroller does is cause tiny channels in your skin (FYI - it doesn't hurt so any numbing needed). These channels allows a serum with skin hydration and firming benefits to hit the perfect area in the skin. NOT ONLY THAT but the controlled trauma the roller does to your skin tricks the skin into producing more collagen and elastin so it's a MASSIVE win-win!!

AND what's even better you get to take this dermaroller away with you to use between appointments making your skin tighter and firmer at home.

You can use the roller every other day if you wanted with either a good Hyaluronic Acid serum or a serum of your choice.

My recommendation would be either the Skin Firming Complexion Serum in the Essential range or the 'botox' in a bottle Relax Neuropeptide Serum in the Anti-Ageing range by BeautyLab both are available in the discovery kits in the salon with 20% OFF

What else will I expect?

Your skin is going to be left GLOWING after this facial and you'll be keen to keep going with your roller at home!!

Then next time I see you your skin will be given another kick start by getting rid of the cornflake girl

Well, hopefully, that's given you some food for thought for your first facial following lockdown.

Can't wait to see you all soon.

Much Love



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