Permanent Make-up and Tattoo Removal- Price List


Eyebrows that perfectly frame the face!

Whether it’s due to overplucking or lack of hair I can create the perfect brow just for you!

Depending on skin type and texture I use a range of techniques from hair strokes to powder or ombre misting, to create a flattering brow designed just for you. There is also the new 'Barely There Brow' to give a wash of colour through the brow.

Microblading - £295  - offer price £245

Ombre / Powder Brows - £295  offer price £245

Combination Brows - £295  offer price £245

Hairstrokes Brows - £295  offer price £245

Barley There Brows - £195*   offer price £155*

(excludes colour boost top-ups)




Eyes can be framed beautifully by lining the top, bottom or both depending on the effect desired. It can also be given a delicate flick or Smokey lash enhancement

I use a range of techniques to create a flattering frame for the eyes such as a gentle line, a heavier line, or a Smokey liner to suit each client.

Lash Enhancement Top or Bottom – £195  offer price £140

Lash Enhancement Top and Bottom – £295  offer price £230

Smokey Lash Enhancement – £295  offer price £230



Get kissable!

Not ready for fillers? Or have you lost the pigmentation in the natural lip line? No matter what the reason I can create the illusion of a fuller and youthful mouth by filling in the lips with a beautiful natural colour or create an ombre effect giving the lips a more dimensional look.

I use a range of techniques from barley there to full lip colour to ombre effect to give dimension to the lip area.

Ombre Lip – £325  offer price £245

Full Lip Colour – £325  offer price £245

Barely There Lips - £225*  offer price £155

*excludes colour boost top-ups


Within 12 Month – £99

12 - 18 Month – £150

18 - 24 Month – £200

After 2 years Full Price

Please note prices only apply to my existing clients. Barley There Brows and Lips are excluded from the colour boost top-ups as they are designed to be a wash of colour that fades after 12-18 month.

**Colour Correction or clients from elsewhere – You will need a consultation to discuss options.


New Clients require a skin test 48 Hrs prior to treatment.

All full prices include a retouch to perfect your treatment to be done around 6-8 weeks after your appointment. Any further retouches after this will be chargeable.


Botched Ink®

Saline Tattoo Removal

Botched Ink® is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline solution. When it's implanted into skin the area dries out. If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process 

• Removes colour that's lasted too long, mistakes or tattoo regrets

• Lightens faded permanent makeup ready for microblading or hair strokes

• Lifts pigment colour from saturated or very dark brows


Course of Treatments: Any kind of tattoo removal is a process, it’s worth mentally and financially committing to a course of 3 treatments so we can assess how easily the pigment is removing from your skin

• Most clients see improvements after 2 or 3 sessions

• Initially the pigment may look darker before it gets lighter

• Pigment that sits deep in the skin comes up to the surface

• This makes removal easier in further sessions


For some the goal is complete removal, others are looking for a lightening so the area can be re-worked. During the removal process we are assessing and responding to the pigment, how deep it sits in the skin, is the area saturated with pigment and skin stain (the russet, lilac and warm colours) from years of top ups. The fresher the tattoo, the easier it is to remove

Per Session - £90

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