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I use a range of techniques from hair strokes to powder or ombre misting, to create a flattering brow to suit each client. Depending on the client’s skin type and texture I will be able to create hairstrokes, a powder or ombre effect or a mixture of both.



The Consultation

The first part of the process is a consultation. After going through the consultation form, I will talk with you in detail about the look you are trying to achieve and what method might be best recommended for your skin type and which colour will be most flattering for your skin tone. This is very much a two-way conversation where I will listen, respond, and advise. Once we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, I will draw the brows on with a makeup pencil (these can be drawn on and adjusted 50 times if necessary!). I will never begin the tattoo process until you are completely happy with what they are going to look like.



The Treatment

Depending on which method is decided upon – microblading, powder, ombre, combination or hairstrokes depends on which state of the art tool or machine is used. Discomfort is kept to a minimum with use of topical aesthetic and by using light pressure.

Whichever treatment method is used the pigment will appear 20-30% darker that the colour you have chosen, but this will fade as the brows heal. Treatment time is usually up to 2 hours which includes a full consultation and aftercare advice.


The Retouch

A second appointment is needed 6-8 weeks after your first treatment. This is usually a 60 minutes appointment to possibly add more pigment to the brow area where pigment has not held well during healing (this is completely normal as everyone heals differently) or it could be to deepen the colour throughout. Whatever the case, we advise you always to come back for your retouch even if you are 100% happy with the initial results.

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