Face and Body - Price List



Eyebrow Wax - £10

Shaping the brow isn’t just about waxing a few hairs away.

Aiyana Beauty will comb, trim and shape using

a combination of wax and tweezing

to define the best shape.


Custom-Blend Eyebrow Tint - £10

Skin test 48 Hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.

Custom-Blend Eyebrow Tint and Perfect - £18

Get theose brows 'on fleek' with a custom-blended tint and professional shape.

Skin test 48 Hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.


Eyelash Tint - £12

Skin test 48 Hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.


Brow and Lash Package - £28

The full eye experience including, brow wax, tint and lash tint.

Skin test 48 Hrs prior is required for new clients to Aiyana Beauty.


Lash Lift with Lash Tint- £35

A Lash Lift is perfect to give the lashes a natural curl. Perfect for glasses wearers that can’t use false lashes.

Skin test 48 Hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.

Brow Lamination - £35

This treatment allows the brows to be brushed and held in a fluffy or set manner.

It is also a fabulous treatment for unruly brows.

Skin test required 48 hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.


CiaoBrow Henna - £35

Long-lasting defined brows - the perfect step up from tint and the step down from permanent make-up. Vegan and cruelty-free.

Henna is known to promote hair growth - so is an ideal treatment for sparse brows.

Skin test required 48 hrs prior is required for new

clients to Aiyana Beauty.



Skin Analysis - £20

Double cleanse, followed by an in-depth skin analysis, tone and moisture.
Ideal for those wanting to progress onto a skincare routine.

Basic no-frills Facial - £20

The ideal basic 20 min facial to fit any budget. Ideal basic facial to add on one of the add-on treatments.
Double cleanse, exfoliation, quick mask and moisturiser.

BeautyLab Essential Facial - £30

All skin types.

Skin is left cleansed, polished and beautifully conditioned in this lunchtime treatment which includes a lymphatic drainage massage.
Ideal for those pushed for time, or needing and an extra level of rejuvenation, hydration and protection. (30 min appointment) (block bookings available)

Chemical Peel Facial - from £45

Acne Prone, Congested, Pigmented and Dull Skin.

This is the ideal treatment for resurfacing the skin. Deeply cleansing formulas relieve congestion while targeting pigmentation, age spots and dullness. For acne/congested skin it will require extractions prior to chemical peel. Chemical peels can be used on the body to help reduce acne and pitting.

Consultation needed.

Biopeptide Face Lifting Facial - £50

A 60-minute relaxing treatment which includes the Eastern Natural Facelift technique that has been drawn from Natural Rejuvenation Massage, Indian Face Massage, Japanese Face Massage and Tibetan Face Massage using Biopeptides and Collagen (block bookings available). Allergy notice - contains Shellfish derived collagen

Radio Frequency Face-lift facial £70

Skin cells are heated using radiofrequency wave to cause

controlled trauma to the skin which increases the production

of collagen and elastin - creating a firmer tighter skin visible from the first treatment. (block bookings available)

Add-on treatments to Facials

BeautyLab Dermaroller (and for home use) £29

High Frequency and/or Galvanic - £15

LED Photon Light Therapy - £10

Steam and Extraction - £15

Face, Neck and Décolletage massage - £10

Dermaplaning - £20

Microdermabrasion - £15

Mesotherapy - Microneedling - £40

Oxygen Jet - FROM - £15

Radio Frequency face-lift - £45



One Colour Gel Nails - £22

One Colour Flexi-tip Enhancements - £35

The quick and easy way to achieve perfectly shaped nails. Missu Flexi Press Tip is a new nail enhancement system

that uses our gel products to bond a full ready shaped nail tip to the natural nail.

The press on nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails.

This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Simplistic Gel Nails - £26

Simplistic Flexi-tip Enhancements - £37


Whether you love a classic french or like to mix it up with neons,

we class this category in pricing as anything that involves a simple,

one-colour, hand-painted line, dot or shape at the cuticle or the free edge.

Fancy Gel Nails - £30

Fancy Flexi-tip Enhancements - £42


Give your mani a fancy edge that will give you a subtle designer look!


Detailed Gel Nails - £40

Detailed Flexi-tip Enhancements - £55


Step up the Vixen in you!! Go full on glam and design with these OOAK nails!

Pre-Service Removal - FROM £5

Gel - Our product - £5
Gel - Another salon - £8
Gel Enhancements - Our product - £8

Removal Manicure - FROM £16

Removal of Gel nails no new application with nourishing mini manicure
Gel nails - Our product - £16
Gel nails - Another salon - £18

Gel Enhancements - Our product - £18



NEW Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses carbon dioxide to reduce the appearance of scars, alopecia, stretch marks and diminish dark under-eye circles. It is also an effective form of treatment for fat reduction, working to encourage the disposal of fat cells.

Available as package deals to get the best value and results


  • Skin Rejuvination - 3 sessions package £250

  • Darkness under eyes - 3 session package £150

  • Scars - 3 session package £150

  • Stretch Marks - 3 session package £250

  • Hair Loss and Alopecia - 3 session package £150

  • Celulite - 3 session package £250

  • Fatty areas - 3 session package £250

Why not add a Mesotherapy treatment for the area and speed up the treatment plan!


Body Sculpting using Ultrasound Cavitation

and Radio Frequency - £1.50 per minute.

Target areas: - chin, back of arms, abdomen,

sides, hips, thighs and bum lift.

Microneedling - From £60

Microneedling is performed with a device with tiny titanium needles which gently penetrate the skin surface. The needle tips make very tiny small points through the outermost layer of skin. Causing a controlled injury this stimulates the healing cascade process which increases blood flow and collagen re-growth. It increases the skin natural collagen by 400%!

Fat Dissolve Injections
If you follow the aftercare advice you are GUARANTEED INCH LOSS!

CURRENTLY ON SPECIAL OFFER - £50 per vial - RRP Per Vial £150

(small area 1 vial, medium area 1-2 vials,Large areas 2/3 vials)



Eyebrow Wax - £10

- includes wax, trim and tweeze

Lip or Chin Wax - £8        Lip and Chin Wax - £14

Half Leg - £18                   Full Leg - £25

Bikini – from £12

Underarms - £12

Forearm - £15 (inc. hand)          Full Arm  - £20 (inc. hand)

Holiday Wax - £36

(Half Leg, Bikini and Underarm)

Back or Chest Wax - £18